Where can I buy buckwheat bread

Where can I buy buckwheat bread

Do you want to know more about such a delicious and healthy product as buckwheat bread? In this article, we will talk about its properties, calorie content and benefits, as well as how you can make bread with buckwheat yourself.

Properties of buckwheat bread

Such an important plant for all modern mankind as buckwheat people began to use for the first time in the process of cooking more than 5,000 years ago. It is noteworthy that India is considered the homeland of buckwheat, from where the plant spread throughout Asia, and in addition to the Middle East. Currently, buckwheat or Fagopyrum esculentum can be considered the most widespread and cultivated plant species.

Sowing buckwheat, the name is also common, or edible refers to a species of herbaceous plants, eaten into one family of the same name. Sowing buckwheat is considered an important cereal crop. Various food products are made from buckwheat, including flour. Useful buckwheat bread and other bakery products are cooked from buckwheat flour. Interestingly, buckwheat bread is considered not only healthy, but also nutritious food.

As a rule, in addition to the flour of the same name, buckwheat bread contains wheat flour. The calorie content of buckwheat bread can vary depending on the original composition of the ingredients used to make the baked product. And yet, the average calorie content of buckwheat bread is at around 228 Kcal, which is per 100 grams of the product.

Where can I get buckwheat bread with a high energy value?

Energy value of buckwheat bread (ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates):

Proteins: 7.07 g (~ 28 kcal)

Fat: 2.49 g. (~ 22 kcal)

Carbohydrates: 45.84 g. (~ 183 kcal)

Energy ratio (protein | fat | carbohydrates): 12% | 10% | 81%

It is high in antioxidants, essential and non-essential amino acids that can help improve the functioning of your body. Also, it is also necessary to consider the nutritional value of the ingredients used in the production of buckwheat bread. …


Buckwheat bread is a food rich in starchy carbohydrates that can provide your body with moderate energy. Thus, buckwheat flour is mainly composed of carbohydrates, which is why bread is rich in these nutrients.

On the other hand, this pseudo-grain has a relatively low glycemic index, so it can help avoid spikes in blood sugar. … Hence, the carbohydrates in buckwheat bread can help control sugar levels after each meal.


Buckwheat is a dietary fiber rich food that can help improve the overall health of the digestive system. Thus, it contains important fibers such as lignin and cellulose, which are mainly found in buckwheat shells.

Moreover, it offers a type of resistant starch that is not completely digested by the body and helps to improve the digestive system. Thus, although this type of starch is not a fiber type, due to its properties, it is usually related.


Buckwheat bread has a relatively high protein content and is rich in amino acids such as arginine and lysine. In addition, due to the balanced content of amino acids, its plant proteins are of high quality.

However, these proteins are usually poorly absorbed because they contain protease inhibitors and tannins. In addition, buckwheat does not contain gluten, a protein that can affect people with celiac disease or intolerance.

All this makes this product extremely useful for the body. Therefore, you should definitely buy buckwheat bread and include it in your diet.

Where can I buy buckwheat bread

The advantages of buckwheat bread

It is worth emphasizing and highlighting the advantages of buckwheat bread for maintaining the human body and health. First, the advantages of this type bread are in the vitamin and mineral composition of the product. Buckwheat flour has a large amount of vitamins, as well as active natural compounds that have a positive effect on the entire human body as a whole.

The chemical composition of buckwheat bread is enriched with a significant amount of calcium, iodine, cobalt, vitamins B, PP and E. In addition, the buckwheat bread gives the human body the energy necessary for normal life. Buckwheat bread can be purchased at grocery stores or you can cook it yourself at home.

As mentioned earlier, wheat and buckwheat yeast, sugar, flour and salt, as well as vegetable oil are used to bake buckwheat bread. First, mix flour, salt, yeast and sugar. Then add vegetable oil and warm water. The dough for buckwheat bread is well hung and left for an hour. During this time, the dough rises and doubles in volume.

A loaf of bread is formed from the resulting dough and baked for 15 minutes. Moreover, it is worth preheating the oven to 200C. After the first time indicated above, the temperature in the oven is reduced to 180C and buckwheat bread is baked until fully cooked.

How you can make bread with buckwheat yourself

If there is not a single store nearby, where can I get buckwheat bread, you can cook it yourself. It is very easy!

1.   Rinse the grain: pour water into the green buckwheat, shake it with your hand so that the fine rubbish floats to the surface, drain it.

2.   Pour buckwheat with cold water a couple of centimeters above the grain layer. After half an hour, stir the swollen grain with a spoon so that the moisture is evenly distributed, cover, and leave overnight or at least a few hours.

Note: I will make a reservation that I do not wash mucus from buckwheat – it is very valuable for the digestive tract and, if you do not leave the soaked grain for a long time, does not affect the taste, smell and acidity of the bread. You can rinse it if you want, but then remove excess water as thoroughly as possible.

3.   Fold the soaked buckwheat, salt, malt into a blender, pour in water. You do not need to add malt, but with it the taste is significantly enriched, acquiring warm rye shades.

4.   To obtain bread dough, you need to beat the buckwheat until a homogeneous thick mass. I recommend adding a little water first (0.5 cups) and turning the grain in a blender, add more if necessary.

5.   The dough is ready! Next, it must be poured into forms lined with parchment, covered with a towel and left for self-fermentation for at least 10 hours in a warm place (I have it between the stove and the kettle). The longer the dough stands, the more porous the structure of the bread will be, the more acidity it will pick up. Pour into a mold

5.   For 10-12 hours, the dough rises quite a bit, but the bread structure is formed – and that is what we need! Dough that has come up, ready to bake.

7.   Bake for 40-60 minutes, depending on the size of the mold, at a temperature of 200 degrees. For the first 10 minutes, I bake at 220 to form a crust on top.

8.   Cool the finished bread completely.

Where can I buy buckwheat bread online?

You can buy buckwheat bread on our website online. It is very simple to do this: choose the bread you like, indicate the desired quantity and address for delivery. Freshly baked buckwheat bread will be delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Where can I buy buckwheat bread
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