Tracy's Success Story

Hi, I’m Tracy. Last spring, I lost a grandmother and grandfather within a month of each other. It made me think a lot about life, health and the quality of life I was living. In April, I made the decision to start working out and see what my body could do while I could still do it. I have never played sports or worked out regularly. Physically, I looked pretty healthy, but I was “skinny fat”. I hid my problem areas well with the right clothes, but I was weak and flabby. I remember my first Crossfit workout vividly… I could barely hang onto the pull up bar for 10 seconds, my only goal was to not pass out and when I got home, I laid on the floor in a fetal position for half an hour wondering what I got myself into. 14 months later, I am stronger than I have ever been in my life and I can do multiple pull ups! Crossfit is now a part of my healthier lifestyle and I look forward to working out at least 4-5 times a week.

After my husband saw my excitement and results, he also started working out with Crossfit. Previously, our lives revolved around the busy sports schedules of our two sons. Now, my husband and I schedule our work outs too so we make time for ourselves consistently. I also make a point of sharing my achievements with my sons and have earned their respect as a strong woman, not just as “mom”.

I highly recommend Ahwatukee Crossfit to any woman who is looking for an effective and sustainable workout. The programmed workouts allow you to get a great overall workout every time you come in. Rather than waste time at a gym on your own, deciding what to do next, each minute of your one hour workout is designed to give you a full workout and build up to each personal goal. The small group classes combine the attention of personal training with the affordability and motivation of a group session. The daily measurements (by time, weights or reps) provide a constant benchmark for improvement. The dynamic at an all women’s gym is also refreshing. We are there to work out and we support and motivate each other to improve.