Bridget Bellavigna

Originally from Manhattan, New York, Bridget spent childhood years growing up in Yugoslavia, Puerto Rico and Florida where she joined the US Navy and ultimately landed in San Diego. While in the Navy and living in San Diego she discovered Rugby and played at an elite level for 11 years and ultimately winning a National Championship in 1990 at 30 years old.

Bridget purchased Ahwatukee CrossFit in February 2015 having only participating in CrossFit for a little more than a year. The amazing results from this functional fitness modality at the age of 54 had reignited her belief in the power of beauty in strength. Her passion for CrossFit and how it has positively impacted her life is evident. Bridget is also a Real Estate Broker and owns Desert Paradise Realty & Property Management. She has lived in Ahwatukee since 1992 is single and shares her home with her 3 dogs.

Jolean Besse

Jolean is the Head Trainer, and one of the original coaches of Ahwatukee Crossfit.  She holds  a Crossfit Level 1 Training Certificate, USAW Certificate, and has participated in several continuing education courses, including the Opex Coaching Certification Programming. She is a mother of two adult boys and has been married for over 25 years.  She enjoys hiking, spending time with her family and friends, traveling, cooking, and learning about healthy eating and fitness.

Jolean began fell in love with Crossfit five years ago after she saw the results it gave her and the positive role model her children started to  see her as.  She really found the love of fitness after she began coaching and helping men and women not only get stronger and healthier, but boost their self confidence.  Jolean prides herself in being able to help beginners feel comfortable and safe starting out in Crossfit, and keeping her classes fun, but efficient.

Ann Bailk

From a young age I have been an athlete, thriving on both the competition and team camaraderie. I have always been active, but when I came across Crossfit, everything changed for me. Both physically and mentally I have become a stronger person, doing things I never dreamed of. I still continue to learn and develop as both a coach and an athlete each and every day. As a coach, I will encourage you to push your limits and break out of your comfort zone during each and every class. Never expect to be doing the same thing over and over again! I love to see my athletes crush their goals, and then immediately turn around and set new ones. Every single Crossfit workout is an individual battle, but I will get you through it and make you want to come back for more! This community of women at Ahwatukee Crossfit inspire me day after day. The gym truly is my home away from home, and my second family!

Megan Kelly

My name is Megan Kelly, I’m 31 years old, and I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost 3 years over at East Valley Crossfit (EVCF). Prior to finding Crossfit I had ten years of ballet experience as a child, along with some gymnastics. I was always very active in sports growing up and maintained a gym membership most of my life. I played rugby at ASU my freshman year and soon became an avid runner. I completed several half and two full marathons, yet still craved a new challenge. My husband introduced me to Crossfit just a couple months before our wedding and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I am a coach for the Iron Kidz children’s program, I’ve competed in several team and partner competitions, I did my first Olympic weightlifting meet this past October, and earned my level 1 certification in March of this year. I currently workout regularly with the competitive team out of East Valley and coach at Awhatukee Crossfit. I am blessed with two beautiful children and a sweet husband who support my crazy dream of one day making it to regionals…

Gail Lasserre

Gail has been involved in sports since age 13, starting with field hockey, then volleyball and throwing the javelin in high school.  In college, she became interested in weightlifting and running.  That evolved into completing one full marathon, 15 half marathons, and countless triathlons from sprint to Olympic distances.  

Gail found CrossFit several years ago after healthy concerns retired her from recreational racing.  After completing her first WOD, she laid on the floor and thought, “What the heck just happened to me?”  She was totally hooked.  Gail started coaching in 2013 and absolutely loves helping people learn to do things they thought were impossible.  The pride on an athlete’s face when they accomplish something new is contagious – the whole gym gets excited!!  She loves everything about CrossFit – the worldwide community, the scalable intensity, the variety, and the fun.  She does CrossFit, hikes, swims, and does hot yoga to stay in shape.

Gail holds a Crossfit Level 1 Training Certificate and an Iron Athlete Weightlifting Certificate.