What is
Ahwatukee CrossFit?

We are the first All Women’s CrossFit Gym.Ahwatukee CrossFit offers daily timed, measured, and varied workouts to keep you motivated. Our workout plans help progression toward group and individual goals. We are more than just a gym, we’re a community.

Why Should You
Choose Us?

This is not just a group of women training together. We push each other, keep each other motivated, and help each other along. Your goals are our goals. Read the success stories:

We Are A Community
Built Around Women

Ahwatukee CrossFit has built a community of supportive women who motivate each other. We are everyday women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, teachers, and professionals who want to become stronger.

Dear Future CrossFitter,

You’re not alone.
Everyone starts with an empty barbell, a white PVC pipe, an air squat. No one comes from the womb with abs, perfect handstands, or pull-ups.

Don’t be scared.
CrossFit isn’t about proving anything to anyone, getting on TV, or popularity. It’s about doing something today and adding something better to it tomorrow, about progress and personal records and a community of people just like you, people of all shapes and sizes, ages and cultures who all started somewhere.

Some were broken, injured from a life spent on the field. Others thought they needed to be in shape before they got in shape and finally realized just how silly that is. More still were just tired … so very tired.

The point is, CrossFit is here for you no matter who you are or what you’ve been through. We don’t judge, we inspire.

Yours Truly,
Someone Like You