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I started CrossFit Chix Basics on March 18th with Coach Stephanie. With your encouragement, excellent coaching and awesome program THIS is what happened over the last 6 weeks!!! Thank you! This feels so good. I’m hooked and I am so grateful to have found Tukee CrossFit! This journey has only just begun…


“After 18 years in the global gyms I finally learned “proper form” and how to squat. Ahwatukee CrossFit coaches have taught me body awareness. My first day I squatted 25#’s and after 6 months, and learning everyday, I can squat 145 pounds with no pain and great form!” – Kim P.

“For me it’s all about CONFIDENCE! Coach Rebecca reminds us daily to keep our shoulders back and chest up! I took my CONFIDENCE into a job interview and landed a position making the most money I ever had in my life! Thank you CrossFit workouts and Coach Rebecca’s no nonsense education. Ladies, if you want to be good at “Life”, JOIN this place!” – Kerri T.

“The results have been amazing –I have lost 40 pounds since March, down to a size 6 from a size 12. “Coach Rebecca encourages us to change our lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.” The community in this gym is AMAZING I have never been encouraged by so many people to meet and keep my fitness and nutrition goals.” – Lori



To register call 602-538-4347

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AHWATUKEE CROSSFIT is the PREMIERE WOMEN ONLY CrossFit Gym! Every workout, movement, and piece of equipment we use is scalable, which means we work with any fitness level.


Why should WOMEN CrossFit?

Strength – All women need this! As we build muscle our bodies become an effective age fighting machine.

Confidence – Fitness/Nutrition in your life reflects on you as a person. You will make more Money, Smile, have great Posture, and increased Brain Power.

Endurance – Have you ever wanted to hike the mountain without stopping, run a mile without walking, not just jump rope but do Double Unders?

Health – Fight cancer, reduce belly fat, LEARN what to put in your mouth and what not to. AB’S are made in the kitchen NOT the GYM!

At a recent gym event we asked our clients what the liked MOST about us? The overwhelming response was “Our Community!” Athletes went on to say, if you’re committed to your health/fitness, this place will lift you up and help you attain your lifestyle goals. If you’re only interested in a quick workout and no social interaction, do not join!

Our classes are filled with housewives, busy working women, grandmothers, young women and professional athletes. Every female athlete in our facility is performing the same Work Out of the Day! Our specialty is not specializing. We will never ask you to lift more weight than your core can handle or perform an endurance exercise you are not physically able to do.

Yes we run, row, jump rope, etc and get our CARDIO on. It’s not all weight lifting!!! The pictures on our site are awesome & inspiring and that is why our site is filled with them! If these ladies can do it, SO CAN YOU!

If you’re intimidated by large gyms with treadmills, men lifting more weight than they can handle, and no guidance, JOIN TODAY! Our small WOMENS ONLY facility provides experienced female coaches, supportive female members and a pleasant atmosphere.

If you’re ready to embark on a lifestyle change then contact us TODAY!


Small class sizes allow for individual training and our Women’s Only environment brings our athletes the support of a community of like minded female fitness enthusiasts.

*Men are not coached in our facility this is a WOMENS ONLY CrossFit Gym